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Make Sure You Use Safe Cosmetics

Compare Chemical Makeup Of Brands


Amazon Herb Company merged with Trivita in September, 2012. Many of the products were not available at all until recently (2015), and the product line has changed considerably for those that are now available (and only in powder form). The "Amazon Rain" skin care line has  been out of stock since 2013. There is no assurance from the company that it will be forthcoming. If the Amazon Rain skin care line becomes available, we will test the product and immediately update this page.


Amazon Rain Safe Cosmetics

Independent Associate
Amazon Rain Skin Care System



Ready To Enjoy Rainforest
Anti-Aging Skin Secrets?

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 Compare Chemical Makeup In Brands Of Cosmetics

So you can see for yourself that Amazon Rain has "Nothing To Hide" you may want to download these comparison charts to research the toxic ingredients and chemical makeup in supposedly "natural" and high-end brands of cosmetics such as Mary Kay, Clarins, Murad, Loreal, Elizabeth Arden, bareMinerals, Avon, The Body Shop, Sephora, and Cosmetic Surgeon In a Jar.

To download these .pdfs, right click on the link and "Save Target As" to your desktop or another folder on your computer:

Cleanser Comparison Chart

Exfoliator Comparison Chart

Serum Comparison Chart

Moisturizer Comparison Chart

Know What's In Your Skin Care Products

Amazon Rain FAQ

Amazon Rain Glossary

Nothing To Hide - Amazon Rain Ingredient List


Of course, you'll need Adobe Reader or an equivalent to open the .pdf reports. If you have any trouble accessing these reports, send us an email:

You can also visit EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to confirm these findings or do further research on chemical makeup and ingredients in cosmetics.

Earn Money With Amazon Rain

Great News! Amazon Rain and the other herbal products are sold online through the network marketing business model. This gives you complete flexibility and options as to when and how you order, always from the comfort of your own home.

You can either:

  • Order Amazon Rain skin care products online from time to time
  • Join the Preferred Program to earn Loyalty points toward future purchases
  • Become an independent distributor

The choice is yours. Ordering is easy either way.

However you decide to create your foundation for healthier, more vibrant skin with the Amazon Rain botanical skin care system will be right for you, right for the rainforest, and right for the people who live there.

Earn Money With Amazon Rain