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Herbal Skin Secrets From The Rainforest


Amazon Herb Company merged with Trivita in September, 2012. Many of the products were not available at all until recently (2015), and the product line has changed considerably for those that are now available (and only in powder form). The "Amazon Rain" skin care line has  been out of stock since 2013. There is no assurance from the company that it will be forthcoming. If the Amazon Rain skin care line becomes available, we will test the product and immediately update this page.
April 2016:  It does not appear that the Amazon Rain products will ever be available through TriVita. We can no longer recommend the company. Please consider this page only for historical and archival purposes. Shortly, we will introduce the moisturizer we currently love and use. 

Amazon Rain Lluvia Set


It would take pages to describe how many ways our health and level of energy has soared since we started using supplements available online through Amazon Organic Herbs ten years ago. 

They have no dangerous solvents or chemicals - only organic, mostly wild and sustainably harvested plants from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.
Now herbal skin secrets reveal that what to eat for skin health is good for your body, too.

Anti-Aging Recipes For Skin

Skin care was revolutionized when the company brought in a lady by the name of Bunnie Gulick to create anti-aging recipes for skin health. Those attending the annual 2004 Summit were presented with a bottle of the new Camu C Serum, the first in this phenomenal line of botanical skin care products.
Originally called "Lluvia" (the Spanish word for rain), the name was recently changed to "Amazon Rain" because many people had difficulty pronouncing Lluvia.
Based on the Camu Camu berry, which is extremely high in full-spectrum vitamin C and many other phytonutrients, Camu C Serum has a natural SPF to help stop aging skin damage from the sun, plumps up fibroblast cells and stimulates healing.
I had never bothered that much about taking care of my skin before, but Camu C Serum and the miracle products that followed changed everything.
These anti-aging recipes for skin created from the herbs we already love to eat smell fresh and invigorating. My husband loves the fragrance on me!
The Camu C Serum and Replenishing Moisturizer feel so good that it's a joy to put them on my face, neck, or hands in the morning, evening or any time during the day that I feel my skin is a little tight or dry, especially if I'm going out in the sun.
I never use sunscreen anymore - just slather on the Camu C Serum. I don't burn and I know my skin is not soaking up toxic chemicals and xeno-hormones from sunscreen.

Anti-Aging Nutrients For Skin

The nutrients for skin in Amazon Rain are many of the same rainforest herbs and that give the supplements so much vitality, such as Jatoba bark, Camu Camu berry, Sangre de Drago, and many more.
A few valuable botanicals from around the world, like Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Fir Needle Essential Oil add even more food for your skin health and healing.
On the next page you can download a description of Amazon Rain ingredients, as well some charts comparing the chemical makeup in the serum, exfoliator, cleanser and moisturizer to other popular brands. (Prepare to be shocked!)
What would you rather put in and on your body - toxic chemicals or highly energetic and healing plant-based formulas? Anyone who uses them will agree that the rejuvenating properties of rainforest botanicals are truly anti-aging nutrients for your skin.

Good For Your Sensitive Skin

People with the most sensitive skin rave about Amazon Rain. We showed a friend the "Nothing To Hide" ingredient list and she was amazed to find none of the irritating agents that prevented her from using even the luxury brands that claimed to be all-natural.
She does not wear makeup and her favorite Amazon Rain product is the Refreshing Mist, which she spritzes on her skin several times a day to keep it hydrated.

Amazon Rain For Beautiful Skin

Bunnie Gulick is working on creating a botanical eye gel to be released in 2012. At this time, the product line contains:

Botanical Cleanser
Crystal Exfoliator
Camu C Serum
Replenishing Moisturizer
Deep Nourishing Oil
Refreshing Mist
These energetic, anti-aging botanical skin care products are in a class all their own - you'll find nothing comparable in retail. Try them and you may never again use anything but Amazon Rain for beautiful skin health.

Saving Amazon Rain Forest 

Our passion for Amazon Rain botanicals for glowing skin health and the the herbal products  is rivaled only by our passion for saving the AmazSaving The Amazon Rainforeston Rain Forest where they are grown.
Saving the rainforest and helping the indigenous people who live there make their own choices on how to proceed in the modern world are really the foundation of the company and heart-space of its founder, "Amazon John" Easterling and his wife, Olivia Newton-John Easterling. By saving your own skin, you can play a role in saving the rainforest. 
The great news is that a portion of all proceeds goes to the ACEER Foundation, which helps make the rainforest worth more alive than dead. 


Visit the offical website at: Amazon Organic Herbs