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Safe Heavy Metal Detox
With Liquid Activated Zeolites

In the video below, scientist Rik Dietsch, explains what are zeolites, why zeolites perform a safe heavy metal detox, how they are cleansed and processed, and what makes Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense liquid activated zeolites superior so they can more effectively chelate chemicals and toxins from your body.


If there was only one thing you could do
 to detoxify and cleanse your system,
Natural Cellular Defense would be our #1 Choice!!! 

No longer must you undergo thousands of dollars and months worth of exhausting torture from intravenous chelation that also removes the good minerals with the bad.

Enter Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) - purified zeolites.

Heavy Metal Detox With NCD

You simply add liquid zeolites to water and drink it. They bind to the heavy metals and other toxins in your body and permanently expel them through your urine.

You can do more research on the official website at Basic Detox. Or send an email and we will answer questions or provide you with more information you need to make a decision for your own situation.

You can read some passionate zeolite testimonials from other NCD users and learn the many different ways NCD has improved lives.

We keep talking about how skin reflects our general state of health. After removing heavy metals and other chemicals and toxins from their systems, many people have discovered that their rashes and splotchy skin cleared up as a result. That's a Win-Win!

The Good News - Natural Cellular Defense activated liquid zeolite drops are sold through an online network marketing company. So you can either:

  • Order Natural Cellular Defense or other Waiora products online from time to time

  Or ...

  • Become an independent distributor for potential income and monthly product discounts

The choice is yours. Ordering is easy either way, so you can remove, replenish and restore your vitality any way that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Waiora Independent Distributor For NCD


We are here to help you so please let us know if you have any questions about Waiora, Natural Cellular Defense, safe detox protocol, or any other Waiora products.