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What Causes Acne & Painful Pimples?

Those distressing blackheads, bumps, clogged pores and painful pimples culminating in what we know as acne (often misspelled "ance") is a common inflammatory condition that affects the skin of most people, to varying degrees, at one time or another in their life.

Here is a short discussion about some of several types and what causes acne and painful pimples and blackheads.

First, What Is Acne?

The term "acne" derives from the the Greek word "acme," which describes a "culmination, the highest point or peak." Medically, acme refers to the crisis or critical stage of a disease.

It stands to reason that erupting pimples are the peak of one or more underlying issues that culminate in what is acne, or skin inflammation. (Hint: The answer often lies therein...)

Causes Of Acne

Painful pimples, spots, zits, blackheads ... those are the visible symptoms of acne. Understand that symptoms reflect an underlying imbalance. So you may "treat" acne symptoms, but you want to correct the underlying cause.

Acne is usually caused when the skin structure that includes the hair follicle and sebaceous glands (known as the pilosebaceous units) goes through changes. This can be from hormones or a number of other reasons, including factors farther down the line that may be causing a hormone imbalance or clogged pores.

Changing hormones are one of the most common factors in teenagers' acne breakouts, along with stress, diet and other issues. In adult women, acne may be aggravated by any of several factors affecting hormone balance including her menstrual cycle, pregnancy, birth control pills, since all of these factors affect the body's hormone balance.

This can be exacerbated by stress, which also disrupts the hormone cascade starting with the adrenal glands.

Dietary and environmental toxins create a toxic body burden that may express through skin inflammation. Toxins can accumulate in the colon and prevent your body from absorbing vital nutrients necessary to maintain health. proper pH and balance of hormones.

Types Of Acne

Here is an overview of the more common types of acne:

Acne Vulgaris

The most common type, acne vulgaris is often seen in teenagers. It starts around puberty,  most often found on the face, shoulders, back or chest.

Acne Rosacea

Although babies and children can have rosacea, it is more often found in adults. This type of acne appears as a red rash that is localized on the face.

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

Also known as pseudofollicultis nuchae, this acne rash is a result of irritation caused by shaving. Here's a vote for "letting it grow..."!

Acne Conglobata (Also Hidraenitis Suppurative)

You find Acne Conglobata, which is really abscesses and boils on the sweat glands and hair follicles, in the armpits, groin, and buttocks. Some women get it under their breasts. Its extreme form is known as acne fulminas.

Acne Cosmetic

As the name suggests, a reaction to different makeup or cosmetics is the cause of acne cosmetic. For getting rid of blackheads, make sure your skin care formulations are non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) and contains only organic, pure, non-toxic ingredients. That's why we personally use only the Amazon Rain skin care line.

Acne Medicamentosa

This form of acne or skin inflammation is a response to a change in medication.

Baby Acne

Newborn babies often display an acne-like rash of tiny bumps and inflammation. Usually found on the cheeks, chin, and forehead, baby acne clears up on its own.


Watch those toxins! Chloracne is a rash caused from exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons.

How To Stop Acne - Acne No More

Sometimes only your dermatologist will be able to positively identify the type of acne you have, although a more common answer to the question "what caused this breakout" is "we'll never know, but this medicine might clear it up."

With some soul searching and an objective analysis of your diet and lifestyle, you may be able to narrow down the cause and type of acne in you or your loved ones. If you can identify toxins, medications or lifestyle issues causing an imbalance in your mind and/or body, then you may be on the right track to clear up acne symptoms and restore your underlying health at the same time.

For some expert guidance in clearing up your acne without toxic medications, we highly recommend the following program:

Acne No More by Mike Walden